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State: NY
Category: Offshore, Policy
Subject: Environmental Justice/Minorities, Incentives, Manufacturing, Policy: State, Ports, Unions
Fourteen miles off the coast of New York, vast fields of offshore wind turbines will soon be installed in the Atlantic Ocean. Spurred by a recent $4.37 billion federal auction of more than 488,000 acres of offshore leases in the New York Bight, these wind farms will help New York realize its 2019 mandate to generate 70% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030. But growing an offshore wind industry will require the transformation of huge sections of the shoreline in order to construct and maintain the giant turbines. The next two city sites under development are located in Staten Island along the…

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Category: Policy
Subject: Incentives, Policy: Federal
There are so many pieces of (multi-trillion dollar) legislation currently doing the rounds that it is easy to lose track. Here is a VERY brief summary of the main points, Biden announced the  $7-tn Build Back Better Plan prior to his inauguration. It was intended as a 3-part plan consisting of, The $1.9-tn American Rescue Plan which was signed into law in March 2021 The $1.2-tn American Jobs Plan. This started as a $2-tn proposal but, after months of negotiation, was approved in June by the Senate as a bi-partisan $1.2-bn Infrastructure Bill. The American Families Plan. Most of the…

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Category: Policy
Subject: Finance, Incentives, Policy: Federal
The House Ways and Means Committee released details (Subtitle G – Green Energy) of the markup of of what’s in the draft tax package which will form part of – and arguably the heart of – the $3.5-tn reconciliation package. A great twitter summary here from Jesse Jenkins of Princeton. Key points, The clean electricity tax credits are now structured with strong incentives to pay good wages, train apprentice skilled workers, and use domestic produced iron, steel & manufactured content. To get full tax credit values (referred to as “bonus rate”), projects must pay prevailing wages & use certain percentage…

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Category: Policy
Subject: Finance, Grid, Incentives, Policy: Federal
The House Committee on Energy and Commerce released details of the Clean Electricity Payment Program (see Subtitle D). The $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill includes a provision known as the Clean Electricity Payment Program, which would use payments and penalties to encourage utilities to increase the share of electricity they sell from carbon-free sources each year. If it works as hoped, the legislation would ensure that the power sector generates 80% of its electricity from sources like wind, solar, and nuclear plants by 2030, cutting more than a billion tons of annual greenhouse-gas emissions from the power sector (total annual…

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