In the next 15 years, $80 billion of offshore wind investment is planned off the U.S. east coast.
By 2050, the entire U.S. can expect something closer to $340 billion of new projects.

Offshore Schematic

There are more than twenty offshore projects, with a combined capacity of 21,000 megawatts (MW), planned before 2030 off the U.S. east coast. This represents future capital investment in excess of $80-billion.

These twenty  projects will create tens of thousands of well-paid jobs and will generate zero-emission electricity for around one million average US homes.

Include Texas, California and Hawaii; and the total North American pipeline of offshore wind projects is, today, more than 25,000 MW. And this is just the beginning. The Department of Energy estimates there could be 85,000 MW – representing $340-billion of investments – by 2050.

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