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The Offshore Knowledge Hub is a members-only website to keep Danish companies updated on developments and provide information to support strategic decision-making. Member companies are Danish businesses committed to the development of the US offshore wind sector and to building relations with American firms and other stakeholders. They see the value in a single data portal with information and updates on the development of the North American offshore wind market.

We have developed this Hub over the last 3 years in order to assist Danish companies to keep track of the rapidly developing US offshore wind sector. The Hub is continuously updated by our team of experts in Washington DC and Chicago, with input from all Trade Council teams across North America, with all the latest market news, lease and RFP awards, market reports and studies etc.

The Hub provides Danish companies with a comprehensive overview of lease and project developments and is continuously maintained and updated. Members will receive a concise monthly ‘Market Update’ that contains a brief summary of recent market developments. The Hub includes a searchable database of market information which extends back over two years and covers all offshore wind states on both coasts. It also contains links to multiple studies, extending back over five years, and directly related to financial, employment and technical aspects of US offshore wind. Members will be kept updated on industry conferences as well as Denmark-US trade tours and other events organized by the Trade Council. You will also have access to our ‘on-the-ground’ sector experts who can address specific questions.

In summary: Members have access to:

  • Project and State Overviews (including lease and PPA information together with electricity consumption data)
  • Monthly News Summary
  • Searchable database of market intelligence
  • Political Overviews
  • Company Overviews
  • Unique Branding Opportunities
  • Regular Update Calls

For a 12-month membership with all the previously-mentioned benefits: DKK 12,000.
Companies are required to have a Danish CVR number to qualify for membership.
Businesses that meet the criteria of Small and Medium size entities will be eligible to receive a 50% discount.

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