Wind Energy FAQs: Onshore

US Electricity from Onshore Wind

The amount of U.S. electricity generated by wind energy has grown by just under 1000% since 2007 and wind turbines today generate 6.5% of the nation’s electricity.

The following chart, shows U.S. electricity generation from wind, solar and hydro – the three main renewables which together account for 90% of the national renewable total.

Wind energy grew steadily from less than 1% of the national total in 2007, to 6.4% in mid 2018 and then appears to have plateaued. The reason for this is that 2018 was a low-wind year (yes – they happen!). Nonetheless, a cursory glance at the chart shows that the annual variability in hydro is significantly greater than for wind.

The other point to note is that, as the following chart shows, the combined output of the different renewable generators, offsets the variability of any one of them.