Wind Energy FAQs: Generation By Type

U.S. Electricity Generation by Type (2008-2018)

Since 2008 there has been a rapid shift in how the U.S. generates its electricity. The most significant part of that change has been a sharp fall in the use of coal and an equally sharp rise in natural gas which has gained 10.1% of the total market since January 2008: the most of any generator. However – renewables is a close second having gained 9.3% of the market over the same period.

Ironically – since President Trump is sometimes perceived as being opposed to renewable energy – renewables growth was strong through 2017 while coal and gas both lost market share. In 2017, the President’s first full year in office, renewable energy market share increased by 2.3% from 15.3% to 17.6% while coal declined by 0.3% to 30% and gas fell even further: from 33.7% to 31.4%. Nuclear’s market share rose marginally from 19.6% to 20%.