The U.S. Offshore Wind Opportunity
TC Meetings with Danish Sub-Suppliers
Location: In Denmark at Sub-Suppliers’ Offices

Monday 20th September to Friday 1st October 2021

The U.S. Offshore Wind Opportunity
East Coast states, together with California, have committed to purchasing 50 GW of offshore wind by 2045, with Federal and State governments prioritizing domestic jobs and investment. In this environment, the U.S. market offers major opportunities for offshore wind sub-suppliers.

Trade Council to meet with Danish sub-suppliers
Against this background, and following on from our successful event for Danish sub-suppliers in Copenhagen on Wednesday 11th August, we at the Trade Council (TC) would like to meet with Danish sub-suppliers to better assess your needs and how we can assist you in the U.S. market.

TCNA Tour Team
Attending from TC will be:
Frank Hansen. Head of the Energy Team in North America and Consul General in Chicago
James Glennie. Sector Expert – Offshore Wind. Trade Council of North America
Peter Esmann. Senior Consultant – Offshore Wind. Trade Council of North America

Meetings will take place, over a 2-3 hour period, at your offices at some point between Monday 20th September and Friday 1st October. We will use this opportunity to:

  1. Understand your plans for the U.S. market including your hopes, expectations, concerns etc.
  2. Gain a better feel for how our team at the Trade Council can assist given your particular needs.

The Trade Council team will be travelling by car and hopes to meet with companies at their offices. However, we can meet in any location (in Denmark!) that suits you.

Registering interest
There is no cost other than your time. However, if this is of interest, we do ask you to complete the following form. Once we have received the form, we will contact you to discuss details.

Apologies that this is stating the blindingly obvious – but EU GDPR requires that we inform you that filling out the form also confirms that you are willing to receive emails about this event from the Danish Foreign Ministry.