What a week that was: three major offshore wind announcements at annual conference in Princeton, NewJersey

The International Partnering Forum in early April in Princeton, New Jersey, provided the setting for three major offshore wind announcements.

First – on Wednesday 4 April – the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) announced it was conducting, and seeking public input on, a high-level assessment of all waters offshore the United States Atlantic Coast for potential future offshore wind lease locations. This announcement builds on the 13 leases which have already been awarded for offshore wind farms and further increases the demand for an American supply chain and workers to help build the necessary offshore wind capacity. The scale is illustrated by the following BOEM schematic which shows the area under consideration,

Second. Next up, on the Friday, and building on New York’s October ‘Areas for Consideration announcement‘, BOEM published a Call for Information and Nominations to obtain nominations from companies interested in commercial wind energy leases within the proposed area in the New York Bight.  The proposed locations – or “Call Areas” — under consideration in this announcement are located in the New York Bight region and are delineated as Fairways North, Fairways South, Hudson North, and Hudson South. The four areas include 222 whole OCS blocks and 172 partial blocks and comprise approximately 2,047 square nautical miles (nmi) (702,192 hectares) and are shown on the following BOEM schematic,

Third. Secretary Zinke delivered the closing speech of the conference and in doing so announced the proposed lease sale for two additional areas offshore Massachusetts for commercial wind energy leasing, totaling nearly 390,000 acres. The two areas, OCS-A-502 and OCS-A-503 are illustrated below and would support just under 4 gigawatts of offshore wind if developed to their full potential.

Not bad for three days!